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Frequently Asked Questions

Chalidana Islamic School uses three main curriculums, namely :
  1. National Curriculum
  2. International Curriculum
  3. Islamic Curriculum

We use bilingual: English and Indonesian. Yet, we use more English on a daily basis.

Yes, your child must be trained to be independent

Yes, your child is encouraged to value diversity and contribute both locally and globally

Preschool :
MONDAY-THURSDAY starts at 7.30 am and the dismissal is at 11.30 am
FRIDAY starts at 7.30 am and dismissal is at 11.00 am

Primary :
MONDAY – FRIDAY starts at 7.15 am and the dismissal is at 1.30 pm for Lower Primary and 2.30 pm for Upper Primary

*) Time table during New Normal will follow the government regulation

Preschool :
Playgroup A : 1 year old 10 months
Playgroup B : 3 years old
Kindergarten : 4 years old
Primary : 6 years old

You can see the admission link

Preschool : 2 years old - 6 years old
Primary : 6 years old -12 years old

Yes, you can visit us at work days

Documents needed :
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • A copy of the Family card
  • A copy of the parent’s ID card
  • Photo : 3x4 CM size. Colour. 3 pcs
You can check the admission process link

Not for now, but later we will try to provide transport facility with prior notification, inshaallah

The process has already begun. We usually start to open in August.

No, we just evaluate your child based on their ability (learning Readiness Observation)

Students of Grade 6 will sit Cambridge examinations in April-May.

Parents are invited to contribute however much time they would like to the school community

Not for now, but when the school starts to normal we will hold catering inshaallah

Day care will open soon, insha Allah.

At a minimum, they hold a bachelor's degree in education or a postgraduate diploma in education and required field

  • Promote excellent islamic values learning & practices, ethics & moral character.
  • Prepare students to become confident individuals and innovative citizens with smart leaderships skills.
  • Empower students to become good muslims with strong aqeedah and contribute to society at large.
  • Create a nurturing, safe and respectful environment for our students, parents, teachers and school community.

CIS Malang
de Cassablanca Residence
Malang - East Java
CIS Juanda
Safira Juanda Resort
Sidoarjo - East Java
CIS Menganti
Puri Safira Regency
Gresik - East Java

CIS Malang
T: +6282288999191
CIS Juanda
T: +6281211124131
CIS Menganti
T: +6281231113232